The Beginnings

The concept of cherri bellini was born from the frustration of owner and buyer Rosemarie Farrugia in not being able to source unique, original, well made shoes in Adelaide.

“I used to only buy shoes overseas” says Rosemarie, “I knew that there must be other ladies out there that shared my frustration.”  

The crux of the problem was the quality available. The majority of available styles were constructed using vinyl and synthetics, with poor detailing and engineering. What was really missing was the genuine leather uppers and leather lining coupled with immaculate construction and styling. The answer was waiting in Italy.

The dream started for Rosemarie back in 2000, whilst visiting family in Italy, she fell in love with the Italian culture, lifestyle, the Italian passion for life and of course; their shoes!


This trip resulted in the stand alone store of cherri bellini, who’s mission is to bring shoes of Italian construction and unique styling to the people of Adelaide.

Why Are We Different

cherri bellini is different to other shoe stores as we only offer the best in quality shoes. You will find shoes that are made in Italy using the finest leather, immaculate detailing and even shoes that are made by hand, something that other stores fail to deliver and still at a competitive price range.

The selection of shoes maintains exclusivity by only bringing in one of each size and keeping the labels varied to other retailers. The store offers a range that is different to the main stream and often excels classic glamour or pushes the fashion boundaries. A shoe purchased at cherri bellini is guaranteed to be one that is not carried at ten other stores. All the buying is done by cherri bellini owner Rosemarie, who travels to Milan, Italy (world fashion capital) on a regular basis to view each shoe individually.

Nowhere else in Adelaide will you find the diverse range of styles, designer brands and superior quality in shoes. cherri bellini carries Italian labels such as Dyva, Marcopizzi and Riccardo Banfi which all uphold the cherri bellini belief of excellent construction and top quality fabric with a reasonable price tag. Others brands to have graced the shelves over the years have included Bally, Givenchy, Emilio Pucci, Sergio Rossi, Jimmy Choo, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Pedro Garcia, Vera Wang, Christian Lacroix and Emporio Armani.

Latest Arrivals

Marina Ferranti Fuxia Stiletto Pump



Marina Ferranti Navy Medium Pump



Marina Ferranti Black Medium Pump



Marina Ferranti Watermelon red Medium Pump



Marina Ferranti Taupe Stiletto Pump



Marina Ferranti Black Chelsea Boot



Marina Ferranti Blue Glitter sneakers



Marina Ferranti Black and Leopard sneakers



Marina Ferranti White Stamp sneakers



Marina Ferranti Black sneakers



Marina Ferranti Black and Leopard Hightops



Marina Ferranti White Stamp Hightops



Marina Ferranti Black and Glitter Hightops



993 Black Wedge Ballerina



993 Fiesta Red Wedge Ballerina



993 Iced Coffee Wedge Ballerina



993 Navy Wedge Ballerina



993 T.Moro U Ballerina



993 Nero U Ballerina



993 Navy Grandpa Smoking Slipper



993 Nero Grandpa Smoking Slipper



993 Fiesta Red Grandpa Smoking Slipper



993 Silver Mule



993 Nero Mule



993 Nero Slide



993Silver Slide