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Our 2nd Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

So...we all know that the Italians don't just produce amazing food, wine and fast cars, but they also produce exquisite shoes!

So store favourite Pasucci have arrived and, like always, they do not disappoint.

Based in the heart of Tuscany (in fact very close to where Leorando da Vicini  was born) this family run and owned business has been producing ladies leather shoes since 1945. They know a bit about ladies footwear! In fact, their shoes are so well designed and crafted that they come alive once on the foot.

This spring/summer collection is all about fun, Pascucci have included some stunning colours, orange, gold, red, turquoise and pink.

Pascucci specialize in producing really comfortable ballet flats and loafers, so these are the styles we have focused to brought in for you.

We have ballet flats with a little heel that are elegant enough to wear out at night. We have ballet flats that are so soft you can bend them in half (I am not kidding about that, take a look at the pictures below). These have extra padding under the bed of your foot, so are "heading into slipper territory" (to quote a friend/customer), they are that comfortable!  

We have the most stunning gold heels, once again not too high (5cm). The gold (well really, the colour is platinum) is such a versatile colour for summer as it looks very nude on the skin, so it is a perfect colour to match with basically any outfit and the metallic makes it just a little more dresser.

Another favourite (there are many) out of the collection would have to be the Mary-Jane style shoes in pink - they are literally ballet pink! I think back to my ballet tights whenever I see these shoes. They have paid so much attention to detail with these shoes it is unbelievable with burgundy suede on the heel block and the buckle. Plus, these shoes have a leather sole!

Staying in the same tones as the pink, you have a classic lavender suede loafer, with a rounded toe and a 2.5cm heel. This is such a pretty colour that could be beautifully matched with work-wear colours such as greys, black and navy. You will be seeing more lavender coming through this spring from these guys. 

 I could go on forever talking about this collection, but best you pop in and have a coffee and play. Nothing better than two cups of coffee later and the floor covered in shoe boxes and you have tried everything on. ;)

Once again a special thank you to photographer Vanessa Burton and Sorina Cristea for her amazing legs!

I am heading back to Italy very soon, so I will be sharing some of my adventures via facebook and Instagram so do follow cherri bellini via social media. Of course, I will be seeing pretty much all of our wonderful producers while I am over there so stay tuned!

Ci vediamo presto.

Italian leather Handmade pointy toe ballet flats
Italian leather handmade Italian pointy toe ballet flats
Italian leather handmade ladies shoes gold gucci style slingbacks
Italian leather handmade ladies shoes smoking slippers ladies loafer style flats
Italian leather handmade ladies shoes smoking slippers ladies loafer style flats
Pink mary jane block heel burgungy block heel Italian made ladies footwear
Italian leather handmade ladies footwear ballet flats