Shoe Care

Not sure about the hows or whys of shoe care? Not sure where to start? Let us show you!ALSO, don't miss our hints and tips on how to get that super comfy fit, store your shoes correctly and find out exactly just why it seems our feet get bigger as we get older! FUN! 

Nubuk + Velours

Water-proofing spray for suede. Prevents water and dirt penetrating into the leather which causes staining. Maintains the plush and velvety texture of suede while reviving colour. Available in neutral and a variety of colours.

Vario Spray

Waterproofs and conditions special materials such as leathers with metallic finishes, synthetics, fur, stretch, felt, suede and all material combinations. Protects against dirt and moisture and prevents stains from appearing. Conditions and revives colours.

Exotic Spray

Special care and protection for reptile leather and other exotic leathers such as ostrich. Repels dirt and moisture, conditions and activates colours.


Heavy-duty waterproofing spray. Optimum protection for all smooth leathers, suede and high-tech materials. Achieves optimum water protection and prevents dirt and moisture penetrating into the deeper fibres which causes stains.

Nubuk Box

Foam rubber sponge with crepe side cleans and thoroughly roughens up suede leather.

Hints and Tips!

- Patent leather tip! Those lovely fancy bags your amazing new patent shoes come with aren't just fancy added packaging! Colour will transfer through the patent membrane if directly placed and or stored against other leathers - the felt bag creates a safe place to store your patent shoes to keep them in great condition.

- Stretching tip!  Simply place a heated hot water bottle or wheat bag in a pillow slip, and place over the shoes whilst wearing. In short bursts this speeds up the stretching process of the natural leather.

- When fitting a shoe we fit for length, as the leather outer and more importantly the leather lining, will stretch, stretch stretch! The cherri bellini team wear and test all styles and can confidently fit and style to any customers wants, needs and dreams!

- Feet are largest at the end of the day which an be the best time to fit a new pair of shoes!